Workshops: 2024 The Canadian Rockies

Workshop Details

• Dates: September 17-23, 2024
• Instructors: Bernard Chen & Theresa Duong
• Cost: $1900.00 include food and lodging for 6 nights
• $500 deposit, remaining amount due 30 days before tour starts
• 3 available spaces, limited to 6 people

Exploring the Canadian Rockies: A Photographer's Dream
There's something about the Canadian Rockies that captures our hearts and ignites a sense of wonder within us. Its vastness, beauty, and ruggedness make it a must-visit destination for photographers. However, capturing the perfect shot in this stunning landscape can be challenging. Every turn in the road reveals a new perspective, a different, captivating angle. It's no wonder that this region attracts photographers from all over the world. As we make our way through this awe-inspiring region, our home for the week will be downtown Canmore, a beautiful, quiet town that offers easy access to hidden gems just outside the park entrance. But no distance will stop us from capturing unique and awe-inspiring images.
But let's not forget, while we may be seeking that perfect shot, it's also important to take in the beauty of our surroundings and appreciate the abundance of wildlife that calls this region home. The Canadian Rockies are not just a photographer's dream but a place to immerse ourselves in nature and truly appreciate all it has to offer. So come prepared for a week of nonstop action as we explore the Canadian Rockies together, capturing unforgettable images and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity – join us on this journey through one of the most beautiful places on earth. Grab your cameras and prepare for an adventure like no other – the Canadian Rockies await!


We will be lodging in the heart of Canmore, which will be our home for the duration of the workshop. The Gatsby by Samsara Resort sleeps 14 guests, has 4 bedrooms, and has 4.5 baths. You can take a tour of the townhouse here:


Meals are included in the tour price. This region offers a wide selection of restaurants featuring spectacular local cuisine. Plan to spend daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner together at local restaurants. Bring your snacks for in-between meals.


This region is cold even in the summer. Expect the temperature to dip below freezing with a possibility of snow.

Physical Requirements

Location will be determine by the group participants activity level

What To Bring - Camera Equipment

I'm sure you will have questions about what to bring for photographing. The answer is everything. Specifically, I recommend lenses that cover the 35mm equivalent range of 15‐200mm, with wider and longer lenses being useful if you have them! You will also want to have with you ND (neutral density) filters of 5 and 10 stops (recommended) and a polarizer. Drones are not allowed in National Park, but we will visit areas outside the park where drones can fly.

What To Bring - Gear List

Please bring as much cold-weather clothing as you feel comfortable wearing, as temperatures can reach as low as the teens. Layering is the best way to combat the warmth and cold you will experience. My favorite items include:

A medium to heavy down-filled jacket with a wind-shield Gortex top.
Thermal insulation for the base layer.
A beanie hat.


We will meet at the townhome in Canmore. Please let me know if you need assistance driving from the airport to Canmore. We will carpool once the workshop starts.

Cancellation Policy
A refund is available if notification is given at least 60 days before the start

Contact Information
Please text before you call 703-300-4355


A Beautiful World

The Canadian Rockies are just beaming with beauty and with a great amount of luck, I got to see her at her finest moments! Moraine Lake can change your soul, your heart and everything you thought was wrong with this world can be rectified with a glaze of your eyes upon this amazing scene! In the early days, artists were commissioned to come here to paint this scene and most ended up calling this home. Her beauty is just unsurpassed and much appreciation to the Canadian NP, to keeping her pristine for us, our children and future generations to come.

Through Different Eyes
Calling of the Wild