Glacier National Park – Crown of the Continent, is one of the most precious resources in the country! National Park distinction was given in 1910, covers about one million acres of land, and contains 25 “active” glaciers that move due to thawing and melting. There are a number of beloved areas in Glacier National Park. "Going-to-the-Sun Road", a 50-mile trek that provides some of the most amazing views in Montana, is Glacier National Park’s most popular destination. Taking 11 years to compete (from 1921 - 1932), this engineering marvel is also a National Historic Landmark. Taking visitors through the heart of the pass, you travel past the Garden Wall, cross the Continental Divide at Logan Pass at 6,646 feet before reaching St. Mary. However, due to enormous amount of snowfall, this park most lively moments spans four months out of the year and the park's lodging are booked within a year.