About Bernard Chen

Glacier, National Park, Montana, mountains, rivers, lakes, trails, Avalanche Lake, Goose Island, Glacier National Park, Portrait, photo

Bernard Chen is an award-winning landscape photographer who has found his passion with a camera in his hands. He has a heart of an artist and is an aspiring nature photographer based out of Northern Virginia. Besides capturing beautiful images of nature, Bernard’s passion for his camera has also extended to other artistic elements, broadening his talents into timelapse photography and nature cinematography.

Unbeknownst to Bernard, his introduction to photography began in 2001 while working with Photoshop at the National Cancer Institute. For the past fifteen years, his work has been in scientific journals while working at a world-renowned cancer genetics laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland.

His expertise in Photoshop and his love for nature finally coalesce when he bought his first camera in 2009 and rapidly advanced his skills thanks to a burning desire to succeed. But it was his obsessive behavior of scratching out every minute of light in the field that created a talented photographer who’s work has been sought out by the likes of the National Library of Congress, National Geographic, West Virginia Land and Trust, Mattel, Toyster Brinquedos, Solitudes.com and the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.

Bernard has successfully instructed his own workshops from West Virginia to Maine, South Carolina to Montana, and thoroughly enjoys passing his knowledge to fellow photographers!