Lost Clouds

Astrom Point, Utah

Original panoramic image size 85 x 30 inches

I couldn’t wait to see Astrom Point with my own eyes after seeing some images of this place. I did my homework and thought I had figured out the direction. My only concern was that I was in a rental suburban, but I figure I would go as far as possible and hike the rest of the distance. It turned out that first several miles where good until we hit a part of the road where our truck bottomed out. Without having a true 4 x 4, I knew we were stuck. On the middle of Super Bowl Sunday and out in the middle of nowhere, we got lucky after calling around the city of Page where someone’s friend, friend of friend and their son finally said they would there to help. We were gracious and gave a big hefty tip and were on our way out. I didn’t give up so easily though; I went back to Page and rented a 4 x 4 Jeep the next day. I thought finally I’m going to nail this. Lone behold, not as easy as it looks, one wrong turn and I found myself climbing several thousand feet that was borderline frightening on the back roads of Grand Staircase. By the time I figured I had made the wrong turn, it was dark, and either I had the option of going back that frightening way down or take another route that looked tame. Wait a minute, now I found myself looking at a dead end at a creek bed. My best judgment was that the creek bed became a road, so threw the 4 x 4 in gear and kept going. I was right, so many times we crossed the creek bed to hook up to the road on the other side. Finally after back tracking we realized our mistake and by midnight, we hit this peak at Astrom Point. It was just breathless, full moon over Lake Powell and we could see this awesome location like it was in daylight. All the trouble for the last two days was well worth it!


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