Lost In Time

Crystal, Colorado

I was driving through Colorado and made it a point to stop and grab a picture of this iconic Crystal Mill, which has been on my wish list for years. However, I didn't realize that without a 4 x 4, there's no way of driving right to it, unless you are wanting to end your life. I already made up my mind I wasn't going to leave without a picture, so I packed my gear and started down the road for a five mile hike. Soon after, I was caught in a horrid monsoon. Lightning and thunder were rolling thru the valley just making the place really freakish in nature. This was one time I actually thought about turning back, but I couldn't forgive myself if I left without a photo. This five miler seems to keep going forever just like the rain and being alone in solitudes was not even a relaxing thought at the moment. Once I arrived, I waited and waited for the rain to stop but it just kept pouring. Finally it slowed enough where I could grab my camera for a quick shot, and after that, I didn't really notice how cold or wet I was, I was just esctatic to have this image I've always wanted!

Did you know that Marble, Colorado was the main source of marble that built the Washington and Lincoln Monuments, the White House and the Nation's Capital and many other structures not only in our nation but other nations as well? The town of Marble is about as close as you can drive to Crystal Mill with a regular vehicle. 

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