Workshops: 2016 Photographing America Crown Jewels – Sold Out

Workshop Details

• Dates: August 8 – 13, 2016 
• Instructors: David Nguyen & Bernard Chen 
• Cost: $600.00 does not include lodging ($200 deposit to reserve your spot, the remaining $400 will be due 30 days prior to start of workshop).
• Limited to 10 people

I am planning a terrific trip to Glacier National Park for August of 2016. To be able to capture the full beauty of this totally amazing park, we have to really hit the trails where nature presents us with a daunting task of overcoming our mental & physical weakness. However, the rewards are endless and your images will definitely speak for themselves!

Physical Difficulties

Even though one can spend all day shooting the splendors of Glacier from the roadside, it's the trails that will lead us to the awe inspiring images. This trip will require you to have stamina to do at least 8-10 miles per day. Most of the great locations are at least 4-5 miles one way, this does not include the elevation gain that you'll be facing along the way either. We won't be speed hiking, so if you can hike this distance at a reasonable pace, you should be good.


Lodging has been revised to Airbnb rental home. I'm really excited to have a lodging location where we can stay the whole week. We can really enjoy being together on our down time and will have all the amenities of being at home. This will cut everyone's lodging cost from $882 to $278/person (based on a total of 10 people attending).  

Getting There

Option 1: I’m planning to drive and can take 6-7 people. This option provides fantastic opportunity to shoot other amazing landscapes on the way. This option will add extra days to the trip, but also save on airfares and rental car expenses. I estimate that we would need 4-5 extra days going with option-1. The more days the better as we could hit several National Parks on the way back. However, 4 extra days would be plenty if everyone was tight on schedule. Gas expenses would be shared among all passengers. Also, with this option, we would leave on Friday, earliest time possible.

Option 2: For those of you who are short on time and rather fly, you can go from Baltimore to Kalispell, airfares usually runs around $500-600, and you’ll need a rental car for duration of the trip. You would meet up with the group at our lodging destination on Monday, August 8th, at 4 PM.


I estimate the total cost would be around $1000-1200 per person, includes all expenses if you choose option 1. This is a great investment to photograph one of our national treasures! We need at least 5 people to signup to make this workshop happen. Larger group are required to provide safety on the trails during the summer months.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions at [email protected].


Endless and Beautiful