Workshops: 2016 Capturing The Heavens - Outer Banks, NC - Sold Out

Workshop Details

  • Dates: June 3 – 5, 2016
  • Instructors: Bernard Chen & David Nguyen
  • Cost: $350.00

Welcome to the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina holds a secret: it’s one of the darkest places on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. It offers outstanding natural landscapes but also has beautiful man made subjects. Summer offers the best times to capture the Milky Way, as it will rise early and affords you a small amount of time to rest before each sunrises. We invite you to come explore our world as you have never seen it!

Physical Difficulty

Very easy terrain with little walking required. The most challenging aspect of this workshop will be sleep deprivation for the two days. You will be mentally challenge throughout the weekend but also excited to have the opportunity to learn how to capture our amazing night sky!


- Friday (June 3rd): Meet and greet at 5 PM, followed by sunset at Bodie Island Lighthouse. Grab quick dinner and start night photography at 11 PM.

- Saturday (June 4th): Sunrise on the beach, group breakfast, and break for rest. Meet at 6 PM, sunset at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse followed by night photography.

- Sunday (June 5th): Sunrise, group breakfast and workshop conclude at 10 AM.


This is always a tough call; some of us have skipped lodging and stayed in our vehicle in our previous workshop. You can always find hotel rooms near Nags Head and even look for Airbnb rooms. We have a break during the day on Saturday where a room can come in handy but also not necessary either.

Recommended Equipment

Digital SLR camera
Wide to standard zoom lens
Telephoto zoom lens
Sturdy tripod
Cable release
Circular polarizing filter
Headlamp with RED LED

*Bug Spray, and any clothing that makes you comfortable with mosquitos*


Capturing the milky way will be very dependent on cloud coverage, however, there will be numerous opportunities to capture different scenes if it's too cloudy.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below or contact me directly at


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